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Villa Bella Vista has many exclusive and special highlights to make your stay one to remember.
  • The villa includes a beautiful infinity swimming pool with stunning views over the surrounding countryside and mountains.

  • The terraces give the opportunity to watch the sun set over the mountains.

  • This villa has been designed to a high standard with Moorish features and gives a homelike feeling.

  • Villa Bella Vista is surrounded by 26 acres of forest with countless oak trees. This will make your stay an opportunity to be close to nature.  

Email us for to check the up to date availability for your stay.

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The garden of villa Bella Vista is beautifully designed to make the most of the location, which includes many balconies and terraces whom give the opportunity to admire the stunning views. Throughout the garden you will find many healing herbs, beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

The infinity swimming pool is surrounded with sun beds and gives and opportunity to relax and enjoy this treasure hidden in the mountains of de Costa del Sol.

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Each room in villa Bella Vista has been designed with love and detail to reach the best comfort for the guests. There are three bedrooms, each with a double bed and ensuite bathroom. One of the bedrooms includes a pull-out sofa bed to cater for two more guests.

You will feel welcomed by the comfortable and authentic ambiance throughout the whole villa, where each room has it's own unique touch. 

Villa Bella Vista is also ideal for families with kids and young children. A luxury villa rental in the Costa Del Sol.

Bella Vista  villa spain gaucin to rent.

Villa Bella Vista is surrounded by 26 acres of forest with amazing views over the mountains up to Gibraltar and Africa. The beautifully designed villa offers guests the height of a real retreat. The Moorish design of the building with her bougainvillea flowers on the walls are a unique quality to enjoy.


The internal courtyard of the villa is full of character and a perfect place to have dinner at any time of the day. 


Villa Bella Vista is ideal for those who want to experience peace and a quiet place to relax in high luxury, rural rental villa home in Spain. 

Take a drive to the nearby town of Gaucin where you can wander through the narrow streets and explore the shops and restaurants. When you drive a little further down the hill, you will reach the beautiful coastline of the Costa del Sol and her white famous sandy beaches.

The white village of Gaucin: the new place to be (Andalusia, Southern Spain)

The white village of Gaucin: the new place to be (Andalusia, Southern Spain)

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